smilingWelcome to victoria lee story’s web site—relax take a breath and in this techno assisted way meet victoria—-a womyn often recognizable by her laughter which can often be heard above the daily din—a womyn not limited by cultural traditions or cultural consensus victoria inhabits her liveliness thru friendship —-love—–yoga –laughter– tears and appreciation of the natural environment—take a moment and enjoy the exploration of the web site—and maybe—by chance we’ll meet.

Upcoming Workshop:

ocean500Join Victoria in Greece for a 9-Day Gestalt Retreat, “From Psyche to Soma” from May 24 – June 1st, 2017. Experience a dynamic Gestalt body-centered process of learning, exploration and discovery, as we move from our mind to our body, and open to the wisdom that lies within. Please go to From Psych to Soma to read more…


To learn more about the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies, please go to their website.

World renown yoga teachers, Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten offer yoga programs in Greece. Learn more here.

Gyrotonic Master Trainer, ClydeRae Jolie-Ashe teaches internationally. Learn about her movement classes and trainings here.

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About Victoria Story

victoria storyVictoria Lee Story – a longtime practitioner of life using avenues of exploration such as – Gestalt therapy – Yoga – Reichian therapy – and human contact.

Victoria uses the polarities of tears and laughter as a prism in which life is met and perceived – The beauty and depth of the present moment in uncontrollable laughter and the life-shaking moments of incredible tears – are all defining experiences of our existence. Enjoy the moment, there’s plenty of time to be dead – all of these experiences lives in the background of a sharp wit – a gentle eye – a caring presence – a connecting hand.

Victoria’s work with human beings began in the 60’s with children and has progressed to include adults, seniors, families, groups and institutions.

headshotblue1Traditional training has included a Bachelors in Social Work, a Masters in counseling and Rehabilitation, and certifications in Gestalt therapy, and non-traditional trainings in Reichian therapy, yoga and Gyrotonic.

Victoria has additionally directed addiction treatment facilities, a residential camp for children, training for the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies, taught as an Adjunct Professor in Gestalt Therapy at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, practiced psychotherapy with a myriad of populations with diverse backgrounds, and has trained therapists internationally and within the United States.

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From Psyche to Soma

From Psyche to Soma is a result of many years of working with human beings in a variety of settings. My grounding in Gestalt therapy has encouraged an active, sensitive connection to people and the situations in which life happens.

My belief that everything we need to know about ourselves is available in the present moment through contact – relationship – and awareness. Our bodies are a great and wondrous map that can guide us into our patterns and habits that diminish our aliveness and limit our productivity and connection within our chosen environment.

all-photos-729The body is also a great source of pleasure and fun. Through movement, awareness arises through our contact with other beings and the environment we become more present. And thru relationship we truly meet ourselves and open to the love that is  available in every moment.

Lesvos GreeceFrom Psyche to Soma is an honoring of our experiment in being human and an exploration of our body, mind, and spirit. The setting of Greece, the island of Lesvos, the town of Molyvos, and the valley of Eftalou has inspired and renewed my personal journey for over twenty years. The Greek people open their hearts to visitors and are always open to spirited dialog about their amazing history, the politics of their land, and the deep essence and spirit they rely on to carry them thru challenging times.

eating2Join me in this wondrous and wonder 9-Day Gestalt Experience, May 24th – June 1st, 2017,  in Eftalou, Greece, on the island of Lesvos, at the yoga hall and practice center of renown yogis, Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten, as we connect in awareness and relationship to explore our being-ness, power and joy, as well as what might be standing in the way of our being fully present to what is alive in us?

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Gestalt Consultation

victoria storyThe process of connecting with another human being is an incredible grace—–
My work is practiced in the here and now——-honoring the body-mind-soul of each individual and the fields from which they emerge—Relationship is a process that develops over time –Awareness deepens connection and aliveness with the self and the other—-Breath allows for a natural progression of contraction and expansion.

Each moment we occupy as human beings allows for a vast and deep presentation and expression of self—as a facilitator i embrace the myriad of clues that are exhibited by our bodies —-
Follow the body—-become aware of how the movement of an arm a change of breath–an incongruent smile can lead to discoveries of unfinished life situations—whether we look for growth of our human potential or healing from loss and trauma—the body offers an avenue to awareness.

My biggest tool as a practitioner is myself—–my own body offers reaction and response to what arises between people—-my world view holds laughter and humor as a gift to be shared—that even the most uncomfortable memories or sensations at times can inspire laughter and connection.
I find complexity in the human condition –yet a simple smile–a quiet nod—or a tender word is enough to bring us into contact and presence.
There is an honoring of any soul who sits with me—what a wonder to meet another in the present moment.

My work is joyful i celebrate being human—our strengths-inadequacies -vulnerabilities make us such interesting beings.
I don’t look for answers–i believe everything we need to heal or grow or improve our life circumstance is available thru relationship with the alive present moment.

The self is magnified by increased awareness thru movement
laughter heals—tears are met with tenderness–anger is understood as an expression of strength and protection—-we are such intricate beings– so much of ourselves is not seen except thru relationship.
I welcome vulnerability and when invited in i meet the other from a place deep inside celebrating our co created process.

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My Body Fully Alive

A travel story-From Greece-Paris-Spain-U.S.

ocean500—-My body fully alive, my heart open— After an incredible two months on the island of Lesvos, Greece –What amazing times in my life to sit on the shores of the Aegean sea— Where all through history, travelers—merchants— refugees have all found food— shelter— laughter— beauty and commerce at the hands of the ever present Greek souls who will cook you a fish or a lamb— sell you 18-carot gold jewelry that shines so brightly— have you in for a Greek coffee or ouzo (which Lesvos claims to have the best), walk into the sea offering hugs and water and shelter to those fleeing war and brutality— What an amazing place I’ve learned to know these last twenty years— My desire grows to do more work here to bring travelers, seekers and friends to this amazing place to stretch themselves and embrace more of their living moments— Yes, that’s what From Psyche to Soma is about — Offering the experience of Greece on the island of Lesvos, where a matrix of energies have always converged— creating liveliness and meaning—-
My travels have taken me to Paris to turn 70 with dear Parisian friends at the Rodin Museum—- amidst sculptures and trees and flowers—- laughing and crying with the joys of being human—- incredible friends I’ve met in Greece, on Lesvos—- Lesvos always lingers for me.

villaOn to Spain, where I lay under olive trees to write and read and adventure into the home of Salvador Dali, whose creative presence brings forth my celebration of the outrageous—- Then on to Barcelona to connect with Angela and Victor, my famous yoga friends from Lesvos, at the Barcelona Yoga conference, and to meet up with another dear soul I have recently encountered in my yoga class in Lesvos—- Blessings and wonderment so connected to the third largest island in Greece.

My returning to the U.S.A., where my traveling continues— in and out of Colorado, my mountain heart— to California— North and South— to Boston, Massachusetts for new and enticing adventuress— so lucky— so blessed— as I plan my next visit to Lesvos to meet new friends in From Psyche to Soma.

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smilingI am very interested in connecting with you. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Victoria Story